As we mark a century of teaching, we reflect on the many successes and achievements made by thousands of dedicated men and women within the Faculty. We celebrate humble beginnings, out of which arose a behemoth that continues to make a valuable contribution to the health sciences profession on a global scale.

 We are a Faculty that has impact; a driver of change.

Join us as we shape the next 100 years of healthcare management in Africa, and the world.

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The Department of Health and academia partner to advance public health

A consortium of universities with health sciences faculties has won a Department of Health tender to contract healthcare professionals.  

In a closed bid, the Department of Health invited universities to tender for contracting healthcare professionals in nine provinces over three years. This test of contracting mechanisms aims to support National Health Insurance (NHI) reforms and advance universal health care.

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Getting bang for the buck with the NHI

The National Health Insurance as a funding mechanism will have to select what it covers and what it does not. A Health Technology Assessment could help decide.

“How do we get bang for our buck to fund NHI?” was the bottom line question Professor Karen Hoffman, director of PRICELESS SA, put to visiting lecturer Professor Andrew Briggs in September.

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Meet HIV Researcher, Thulile Khanyile

Young, passionate and dynamic Wits lecturer, Thulile Khanyile is determined to conduct research that will have a social impact.

Khanyile is a PhD candidate in the HIV Pathogenesis Research Units and a lecturer in the School of Pathology. Over and above her academic duties at Wits, the self-styled socialpreneur is co-founder of Nka'Thuto Edu Propeller

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